This is a bit of a teaser post to introduce our very first serial post, an eight part series about fantasy game art and a working theory that you may choose to follow. So, what will we talk about? Let’s have a look:

Fantasy Game Art – Part 1 – A Fifth Dimension: The Hidden Axis of Symmetry

Of all the things that one could talk about when it comes to fantasy art, Why start with something as abstract as axes of symmetry? And why, for heaven’s sake, do you want us to believe that are there suddenly – not 3 or even 4, but 5 axes of symmetry? And, for that matter, What on earth does a simple line drawn through our artwork have to do with the existence or non-existence of ANY number of dimensions?

Well, in the first place, you have to start somewhere, Right? So why not start with something controversial? Or at least abstract, or made up, or make believe, or … did someone say “Fantastic”? And isn’t that what it’s all about in the first place? Making things up that don’t really exist (or do they?) and getting others to believe in them. Getting others to accept your characters and settings, your actions and emotions – and whatever else you can squeeze into your fantasy art – without, as they say, causing them to suspend their disbelief.

Fantasy Game Art – Part 2 – Classic Sources of Light and Shadow

Here we’ll explore such natural light sources as the sun and moon as well as man-made light sources and genre specific lighting.

Fantasy Game Art – Part 3 – Theme and Content: A Catalog of Fantasy Symbols

Where would we be in our understanding of fantasy art without a knowledge of the symbols being used?

Fantasy Game Art – Part 4 – Altered States: When to Alter Reality and When It’s Best to Leave it Alone

How much is too much when it comes to exaggeration?

Fantasy Game Art – Part 5 – The Importance of Being Blue: Contrast and the Human Eye

Did you know that certain colors of light are more important to our perception of the world in general and of fantasy art in specific? You may just be surprised.

Fantasy Game Art – Part 6 – Perceiving Mass and Void: How to Balance the Proportion and Weight of Each of Your Elements

Have you ever been afraid as a child? Sure you have. We all have. And what were we afraid of? In this post we will examine the importance of what I will here call a circle (or in 3d art, a sphere) of protection.

Fantasy Game Art – Part 7 – Trick Photography: What It Is and What It Isn’t

We have all heard the term “trick photography” but just how big a trick is it and when is it no trick at all.

Fantasy Game Art – Part 8 – Look at Me! And Pay Attention!: Giving the Nod to 13 Centers of Interest

Have you ever been right there? Maybe we all have. Your professor stands before you and explains what you’re seeing but you don’t see it at all. All you see are lines drawn over the top of one famous piece of art after another. Just what was your professor driving at anyway?

Fantasy Game Art – Concluding Remarks on a Theory of Composition

Finally, we’ll wrap up our series with a few final thoughts about fantasy game art and go on to answer any questions you may submit and share a few comments that will no doubt have been posted along the way.