• At Conception – when your idea is still only half formed,
  • During Incubation – while your dream is still wet behind the ears, and
  • Whenever “PREMATURE REVELATION” flashes before your eyes in all caps.

Let’s take a look at each of these cases in turn:

1). Any newly formed idea is apt to sound perfectly wonderful to you, its originator. But, it is not. Not this one, and not the last one, and not the one before that. None of them are or ever were “just dandy” straight outta the gate. They all needed food and water and a few days in the sun to fatten up and get steady on their feet. Give them the time they need and they may just surprise you. But – CAUTION, CAUTION – push them to market on their little weak legs and everybody’s gonna know you cheated them outta their due.

2). Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch. Need I say more? Every single idea that anyone’s ever had (any idea that’s been worth pursuing) has been wrapped in layer upon layer of hidden costs – the costs of time and money (and usually, of frustration as well). So, why should your idea be any different?

Do you think the wheel was thought of while a couple of Joes were sitting around the campfire waiting for the sun to come up and – suddenly – just before breakfast, they had four wheels finished and went out and put them on their new car and drove it to work? Not on your life! Even if they’d had a car (which they did not), they’d have been about a week just in the arguing-it-out-to-get-it-right-on-paper stage. And after that, once their wives had kicked them out and they were living out back of the garage, they’d have had to go tool shopping – and THAT would have taken them forever. Then, … You see? It wouldn’t have been quick at all.

Let your eggs (your ideas) hatch by themselves and don’t peel back the shell one little bit. Those little chicklets are stronger than they seem. Just give ’em time to grow.

3. Whenever GOOD TIMING dictates that “a little later”, or “next week”, or “the week after that” may be the best time to share a particular idea with the world – and your not just chicken – and you really have thought it over – and you really do have a good reason to postpone – well, LISTEN TO YOUR GUT. It may just be the best tool you were born with.

So now, step back and look at yourself. You just had that great thought that made you smile. You hid your pride behind your coffee cup and just knew that this was it, the one big idea that everybody gets for free. That golden pie in the sky dream come true. Well, maybe it is. And maybe its your time to shine. Just take another sip before you say anything, flip the proverbial coin. And, … Is this really it? Your gift moment?

Well, if it is, go for it. Shout it from the rooftops!

But if not, pat your little baby dry, reread this article and then disregard everything you read completely. (Just kidding.) Or, pick one or two points to ponder and see if anything clicks. In either case, have another cup on me, I’m just as excited as you are. Congratulations! YOU have a new idea!